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The Association

The Andorran Official Economist Association was born in 1991 to reply to the professional restlessness of an important number of economists and to present the general interests of the profession and to defend them, in the benefit of the ones registered in the professional Association as well as of all the Andorran Society.

The official recognition of the association bases itself on the objects, the purposes and the rules of action that the Statutes approved by the M.I. Government on the 5th February 1991.

From the end of the 90's the Association has seen immersed the "fight" for the recovery of the Official status since inexplicably the juridical department of the government of that period, basing on the nonexistence of a law of professional Associations, considered that the legal status of the Entity be assimilate to that of a cultural association.

From here the Association has not stopped of fighting for their recognition and growing: now we are already more than 100 registered professionals. In the same time, in legal terms the breakthroughs have been important. In 2009 the first law of professional Association of the Principality came into force, in which the Association adapted its statutes immediately. The mentioned adaptation was entered into formality at the end of March of 2009 and to the date of today is still waiting answer from the administration.