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Our Assignment

As the most representative organ of the profession, the Association has as a main objective to foster the development of the profession and to ensure the best professional activity to the Andorran society with enough guarantees concerning the quality and skills. The main purposes of the Association are to focus on:

  1. Represented the general interests of the profession and to defend them, in the benefit of the ones registered in the professional Association as well as of all the Andorran society.
  2. Fostering the progress of the Economic Sciences and business studies, promoting and developing the scientific research, the training of the ones registered in the professional Association, the creation of professional common services and the collaboration with national or foreign entities.
  3. Collaborating with the administration in the expertise delegated, and taking part in its consultative organs or in the discussion of the economic orientations.
  4. Promoting the participation in the conduct of the Association of other persons related with the world of the economy and of the Andorran society, or of students even if they are not registered in the professional Association.
  5. Ensure that the professional activity offers to the society enough guarantees of quality and skills.
  6. Regulating the exercise of the profession, issuing technical and ethical rules of conduct.
  7. Exercising the disciplinary function and to impose, if it falls, the sanctions that inside of the Association corresponds in accordance with the disciplinary regulations.
  8. Any other purpose that is related to the nature of the Association.